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We have the best prices and quality on RV Bed replacements - standard or custom sized.

We love to help and give you suggestions. Call us for a quote today (780) 453-7997!

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My RV Mattress is terrible! How do I replace it??

Call us today with your measurements!

The most common RV Mattress size is a Short or Trailer Queen which measures 60" x 75" (Regular Queen size is 60" x 80"). We have many great mattress options either Short Queen or Regular Queen Size that will have you sleeping great.

You deserve to get the best sleep on your vacation - we can help with that!

If your mattress is a different size - no problem! We make beds for any shape and size as well. Just call, email or visit our showroom and we can give you options for your custom size Mattress, Bunks, Hide-a-Beds, and Cushions! Call us today (780) 453-7997.

How long does it take?

Everything we sell is made locally, right here in Edmonton. So our turn around times are great!

In the Spring/Summer we will have RV mattresses in stock that you can just pickup! Just call and ask what we have in stock.

We try to have custom orders ready within 1-2 weeks so that you can make the most of your summer! Need it sooner? Just ask!

We will do our best to accommodate. We love happy customers!

My RV Mattress is a Weird Shape/Size

Not a problem. Fill out the template below and email it to us or bring it to the showroom and we will give you the best options to replace it.


My Cushions Need Replacing

Not a problem! Often times the cushions can make a sleeping surface as well so you want to make sure they are comfortable to sit and sleep on. We can help you choose the right firmness to accommodate both.

What's the best way to replace the cushions? Bring them in. We can help you get accurate measurements, choose your firmness, replace the covers if needed, and get you back out there as soon as possible! We do amazing work.

If you are confident in your measurement you can order replacement foam over the phone. Or get a quote at least. Call us (780) 453-7997.

Our most popular RV Mattress models are listed below.

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6" High Density Foam Mattress 8" High Density Foam Mattress RV Dreamer Pillowtop Mattress